Chic and Functional Above-Toilet Decor Ideas

Discover how the often-overlooked space above the toilet can be transformed into a showcase of style with clever decor choices that blend functionality and aesthetics.

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This area, often overlooked, holds tremendous potential for adding character and charm to any bathroom. Our guide will provide you with straightforward and easy-to-implement ideas to transform this space, making your bathroom feel more complete and thoughtfully designed. Whether you’re looking to create a focal point, add storage, or simply bring in a touch of personality, we’ve got you covered with tips that are as simple as they are effective.

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1. Utilize the Windowsill

Above toilet decor with window
Photo credit: @thevictorianterracehouse

For an above-toilet space with a window, consider a practical yet beautiful approach by utilizing the windowsill. Placing a vibrant vase with fresh flowers adds a natural, lively touch, brightening the area. Complement this with small potted plants or decorative items that won’t obstruct the light, ensuring the space feels open and inviting.

2. Add a Vase with Pampas Grass

Behind toilet decor with vase
Photo credit: @luciamaysmithhome

In a bathroom that embraces natural tones and textures, an above-toilet decor idea is to use elements that evoke serenity and warmth. A vase with tall, fluffy pampas grass adds a soft, organic touch, complementing the neutral palette. Balance the height of the grass with small, decorative items like scented candles or jars, creating a harmonious display that enhances the room’s tranquil ambiance.

3. Incorporate Artwork

Above toilet decor with artwork
Photo credit: @upgrading_upton

Incorporating artwork into your bathroom can add a playful or sophisticated touch, depending on your style. Above the toilet, consider hanging a framed print that complements the room’s color scheme and adds visual interest without cluttering the space. Pairing the artwork with a textured vase and dried botanicals on the vanity can tie the room together, creating a cohesive and elegant look.

4. Add Shelves

Above toilet decor with shelves
Photo credit: @home_bycourt

Utilizing vertical space with shelving can be both decorative and functional in a bathroom setting. Above the toilet, floating shelves offer a perfect spot for essentials and decorative items, like plants and jars, keeping them within easy reach. A mix of practical objects like tissue boxes and more personal touches such as framed quotes can make the space feel both organized and inviting.

5. Hung a Framed Cheeky Quote

Photo credit: @staceys_home_touch

A touch of humor in bathroom decor can create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. A framed, cheeky statement piece hung above the toilet can be a conversation starter and add personality to the space. Complement this with a ladder shelf to the side, displaying an assortment of greenery and decorative objects, to bring in color and life, enhancing the room’s overall charm.

6. Install Open Shelving in Alcove

Alcove with shelving above toilet
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Elevate your bathroom’s look with open shelving that combines aesthetics and function. Wooden shelves filled with neatly arranged bath essentials, decorative boxes, and a pop of greenery can create a spa-like atmosphere. Mixing textures, like wicker and ceramic, with practical items, ensures a stylish yet accessible space, making the most of the area above the toilet.

7. Add Potted Plant

Above toilet decor
Photo credit: @sarahmalcs

For a minimalist bathroom with clean lines and a modern feel, opt for simple yet striking decor above the toilet. A graphic print leaning against the wall can provide a dash of artistic flair without the need for permanent installation. Flank this with a sleek, potted plant to inject a bit of nature, enhancing the calm and contemporary vibe of the space.

8. Use Wallpaper With Print

Photo credit: @allabout_thehome

Embrace a bathroom adorned with lively wallpaper by choosing decor that complements rather than competes. A simple, floating shelf above the toilet, with a cohesive selection of items like framed art and creams, can enhance the room’s botanical theme. A basket of fresh towels atop the toilet adds a practical touch, offering both convenience and a cozy, lived-in feel.

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