Fireplace Sconce Ideas for Every Home

Discover innovative and stylish fireplace sconce ideas to illuminate and elevate the warmth and charm of your hearth space.

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Welcome back, dear readers! Are you ready to turn up the heat and introduce some dazzling illumination to your living room décor? Today, we’re shedding light on one of the most underrated, yet transformative elements of home design: Fireplace Sconces.

When you want to bring warmth, style, and a focal point to your room, nothing does it quite like a fireplace. Adding sconces, those wall-mounted lights, to this area can create an enchanting, intimate atmosphere that is as functional as it is beautiful. So, whether you’re looking to showcase a traditional home aesthetic or you’re hunting for a modern twist, we’ve got some striking fireplace sconce ideas that will make your hearth the heart of your home.

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1. Wood Fireplace Sconces

Wood fireplace sconces
Photo credit: @laurengrantdesign

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An enchanting fusion of natural elements breathes life into this decor, where wood sconces made from rich oak wood make a bold statement. Placed strategically around a river stone fireplace, these fixtures offer additional light and add a rustic warmth that perfectly complements the fireplace’s texture. The stone’s cool gray and earthy brown tones, combined with the sconces’ warm wood hue, create a palette that invites relaxation and tranquility.

The sconces’ double linen shades add a sophisticated touch, diffusing soft, welcoming light and ensuring a cozy atmosphere, especially when the fireplace is lit. To top it off, these elements grace a backdrop of a shiplap wall, which provides a stunning contrast and adds depth and character to the scene. The timeless appeal of the shiplap, combined with the natural allure of the oak and stone, creates a harmonious blend of textures and colors, resulting in a perfect example of rustic chic.

2. Modern Fireplace Sconces

modern fireplace sconces
Photo credit: @ancerlstudio

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Creating an elegant yet inviting ambiance, two-light wall sconces elegantly grace the wall beside the fireplace, an homage to the beauty of minimalism. Drawing inspiration from simple lines, pleasing textures, and geometric shapes, these sconces epitomize understated elegance. The clean, straight arms of the sconces extend outward, creating a symmetrical design that perfectly flanks the warmth of the fireplace.

Tapered linen shades adorn each arm, their texture softening the metallic coldness of the fixtures while diffusing the light in a soft, warm glow that delicately permeates the room. This gentle illumination subtly emphasizes the architectural detail of the fireplace, enhancing its visual allure. Together, the fireplace and sconces form a harmonious tableau of light and shadow, warm and cool, simplicity and sophistication—a captivating focal point that embodies modern elegance in any living space.

3. Antique Brass Fireplace Sconce

Photo credit: @lisaclarkdesign

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In the realm of home decor, the magic often lies in the unexpected combinations, and this scene is no exception. Anchoring the space is an electric fireplace, framed beautifully by an exquisite expanse of cement tile that boasts an enticing blend of rugged charm and chic elegance. Rising above the fireplace, a statement-making sconce steals the show. This fixture captivates with its transitional style, a delightful mingling of traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

The formal presence of the sconce is underscored by its double ring details, elegantly cast and radiating a sense of grandeur. At the heart of this sconce, the etched opal shades hold the real magic. When illuminated, they emit a soft, ethereal glow that bathes the surrounding cement tile and fireplace in a soothing light. This dramatic interplay of light and shadow, ruggedness and elegance, traditional and modern, makes for a mesmerizing spectacle, transforming a simple fireplace wall into a stunning focal point in the room.

4. Gold Fireplace Sconces

gold fireplace sconce
Photo credit: @philipmitchelldesign

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In a stunning display of color and charm, a pair of gold fireplace sconces graces a mantel crafted from vertical shiplap, their golden glow casting a warm light upon the scene. This play of light and shadow brings out the subtle texture of the shiplap, accentuating its timeless appeal. The fireplace, framed by striking blue tile, commands attention. It becomes the room’s centerpiece, a gorgeous backdrop for the cozy seating arrangement in front of it.

A duo of blue accent chairs, perfectly mirroring the fireplace’s hue, anchor the space. Each chair is paired with a matching blue ottoman, creating an intimate, welcoming setting that encourages conversation and relaxation. This ensemble embraces the old-world grandeur, yet its fresh burst of color and innovative use of materials make it undeniably contemporary—a perfect testament to the grand millennial style.

5. Candle Fireplace Sconce

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Imbued with a timeless charm, a candle fireplace sconce introduces a captivating aura of serenity and warmth into the room. This unique wall fixture hearkens back to a bygone era, instilling an intimate and nostalgic atmosphere that can instantly transform a living space into a cozy sanctuary. The candle sconce, often crafted from wrought iron, brass, or other classical materials, cradles a flickering candle—either traditional wax or a safer, modern LED version—casting an inviting, softly wavering glow onto its surroundings.

This light, more organic and gentle, mimics the enchanting dance of the fireplace’s flames, enhancing the heartening ambiance that only a hearth can provide. Amidst the rapidity of modern life, this candle fireplace sconce stands as a beacon of tranquility, illuminating your space with its serene, rustic charm, and reminding us of the simple pleasures that home can offer.

6. Fireplace Sconce on a Black Fireplace

Fireplace Sconce on a Black Fireplace
Photo credit: @agk_designstudio

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The allure of a black fireplace is its innate ability to make a striking statement, a canvas where the interplay between light and dark can truly shine. Adorning such a fireplace with sconces creates an incredible tableau of contrast and elegance. Whether you opt for sleek, modern sconces with clean lines and cool metallic tones, or choose traditional, ornate fixtures with warming brass or gold finishes, they stand out exquisitely against the dramatic black background.

The sconces not only add functional lighting to your space but also help to emphasize the fireplace’s bold, deep tones. When lit, their soft glow illuminates the fireplace, bringing to life the rich, black surface and its subtle textures. This interaction of elements, the sconces’ light against the black fireplace, creates a remarkable focal point that adds depth, intrigue, and undeniable sophistication to your space, capturing the quintessential charm of modern aesthetics.

7. Crystal Fireplace Sconces

Crystal Fireplace Sconces
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In the stately confines of a formal living room, fireplace crystal sconces make a stunning statement, brilliantly enhancing the time-honored beauty of a period fireplace. Each sconce, encrusted with meticulously cut crystals, introduces an element of opulence and sophistication, magnificently juxtaposing the old-world charm of the antique fireplace. As the sconces emit their light, the crystals refract it into a thousand shimmering fragments, casting a spellbinding array of twinkling beams onto the fireplace’s ornate detailing.

This mix of the crystalline modernity of the sconces and the timeless authenticity of the period fireplace creates a harmonious balance between past and present, adding an extra layer of grandeur to the formal living room and inviting admiration from every onlooker. This setting is a testament to the homeowner’s discerning taste, offering not just a warm hearth, but a spectacular focal point that encapsulates a true sense of luxury and history.

8. Elegant Double Sconces above a Fireplace Mantel

Photo credit: @reneecusano

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Nestled above a fireplace mantel, a pair of elegant double sconces take center stage, acting as both a source of soft illumination and a key element of the overall design aesthetic. These fixtures, resplendent in their simplicity, add a classic touch that transcends trends, embodying timeless elegance. They flank an art piece, a sophisticated arrangement that draws the eye upward and broadens the visual scope of the room.

The sconces’ light bathes the artwork in a flattering glow, enhancing its colors and shapes, and creating a dynamic interplay between art and light. The understated design of the sconces allows the artwork to shine, while their symmetry lends balance to the overall composition. This configuration—sconces, fireplace, mantel, and art—forms a captivating tableau, a testament to the beauty that can be achieved when lighting and artistry are skillfully combined. Each component contributes to a grand yet inviting atmosphere, an emblem of refined taste and a well-curated home.

9. Fireplace Sconces with TV in Between

Photo credit: @jorbussey

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A delightful tableau of modern comfort and timeless elegance unfolds as white fabric shade sconces are gracefully positioned on a fireplace mantel, flanking an ultra-thin linear electric fireplace. The sconces, with their brushed brass finish, add a touch of vintage charm to the setting, offering a stunning contrast to the sleek, contemporary appeal of the electric fireplace. Above the fireplace, a robust stained wooden mantel adds a warm, earthy tone to the ensemble, providing a beautiful foundation for the sconces. The white fabric shades diffuse the light in a soft, warm glow, creating an inviting, cozy ambiance that enhances the fireplace’s comforting allure.

Centered between these elegant sconces, a TV seamlessly integrates into the composition, bridging the gap between form and function. The flickering glow from the fireplace, the warm light from the sconces, and the gentle hum from the TV create a multi-sensory experience, transforming this spot into not just a design focal point, but a hub for relaxation, entertainment, and togetherness. This layout, a harmony of traditional and modern elements, embodies the best of both worlds – the charm of the old and the convenience of the new.

10. Industrial Fireplace Sconce

Industrial Fireplace Sconce
Photo credit: @fletcher.rhodes

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Infusing a breath of contemporary edge into a traditional setting, the Industrial Fireplace Sconce stands as a testament to the power of contrast in design. This wall sconce, with its raw metallic finishes and clean lines, brings a distinct industrial touch to the scene. Set against the intricate detailing of the classic fireplace surround, the sconce’s stark simplicity creates a fascinating interplay of design epochs.

The crisp, minimalist line of the sconce cuts through the ornate patterns of the fireplace surround, offering an eye-catching juxtaposition that adds depth and intrigue to the space. When lit, the sconce casts a focused, warm light that further accentuates the fireplace’s timeless appeal, creating a well-lit focal point that blends warmth, tradition, and industrial chic. This blend of styles doesn’t just illuminate the room—it also highlights the beauty of blending design elements to create a space that is at once inviting, surprising, and utterly captivating.

11. Fireplace Sconces with Battery Operated Lights

Photo credit: @thehuntedlife

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Creating a harmonious blend of aesthetic charm and functionality, a pair of fireplace sconces fitted with battery-operated lights breathes life into the room. Cleverly circumventing the need for hard wiring, these sconces offer the flexibility to be placed wherever they best serve the decor, and the ease of control and maintenance that comes with battery operation. The sconces’ design, whether sleek and modern or traditional and ornate, elegantly frames the fireplace, drawing the eye to this natural focal point of the room.

Nestled inside each sconce, the battery-operated lights sit snugly within the shades, casting a warm, inviting glow across the room when illuminated. This light, diffused through the shades, softens to a gentle ambient glow that complements the warm flicker of the fireplace. Not only do these battery-operated sconces provide effective and adaptable lighting solutions, but they also add an extra layer of aesthetic appeal, showcasing the power of clever design paired with innovative technology in enhancing the coziness and charm of any space.

Where do you hang sconces on a fireplace?

When it comes to hanging sconces on a fireplace, location is everything to create a harmonious and visually pleasing setup. Generally, sconces should be mounted approximately 60 inches from the floor to the center of the light fixture, which is at average eye level, but the specifics can change depending on your fireplace and room size. Typically, they’re positioned on either side of the fireplace mantel to frame it and draw attention to the hearth as the room’s focal point.

The distance between the sconces depends on the width of your fireplace and mantel, but they should ideally be spaced a minimum of 3 feet apart from each other. It’s essential to consider the scale of the room and the fireplace. For larger fireplaces or rooms, sconces can be placed further out to extend the area of visual interest.

Conversely, in smaller spaces, they might be placed closer to the fireplace to create a more intimate setting. Remember, the goal is to create a balanced look, where the sconces work in harmony with the fireplace, mantel, and the overall room, adding light, depth, and drama to your space.

Bring Your Fireplace to Life

Fireplace sconces aren’t merely a source of light. They’re a design tool that adds depth, style, and focus to your living space. With the right sconces, your fireplace can become more than a functional element—it can be a captivating centerpiece that tells a story about your personal style and taste.

So, whether you opt for the rustic charm of lantern sconces, the contemporary elegance of minimalist fixtures, or the bold statement of Art Deco designs, remember that the best choice is the one that feels like home to you.

Don’t forget to join us again next time, as we explore more unique ways to illuminate your living spaces. Until then, happy decorating!

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