How to Achieve the Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen Look

Achieve the Spanish Mediterranean kitchen look by incorporating rustic elements like a terracotta tiles against modern, sleek cabinetry for a warm and inviting contrast.

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Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen

Embracing the warmth, charm, and vibrancy of a Spanish-style kitchen can transform your cooking space into a heartwarming center of your home. Renowned for its rustic elegance, a Spanish Mediterranean kitchen blends rich colors, natural materials, and traditional elements to create a welcoming and lively environment. Here’s how you can achieve this timeless style in your own space, broken down into simple, actionable steps.

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1. Use Terracotta Tiles

Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen with terracotta tiles
Photo credit: @therangeestates

The terracotta tiles underfoot are a hallmark of the Spanish Mediterranean style, bringing a robust and earthy foundation to the kitchen. Their deep red-brown color adds warmth to the room and pairs well with the wooden ceiling beams, tying the natural elements together. This type of flooring is not just beautiful; it’s also known for its longevity and ability to make any space feel more like home.

2. Choose Backsplash with Patterned Tiles

Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen with patterned tiles
Photo credit: @jenleighdesigns.home

In this kitchen, the eye-catching backsplash with its patterned tiles steals the spotlight, infusing Spanish flair into the space. The grey and white design of the tiles provides a decorative backdrop that complements the simplicity of the surrounding neutral tones. This feature not only serves as a focal point but also adds a layer of texture and depth, embodying the vibrant spirit of Spanish Mediterranean design.

3. Opt for Rustic Wooden Cabinetry

Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen with wood cabinets
Photo credit: @therefinedgroup

The rustic wooden cabinetry in this kitchen, with its knotty texture and natural finish, is a signature element of Spanish Mediterranean design. It provides a warm, earthy counterbalance to the sleek, dark countertop and brings a sense of rustic authenticity to the space. The cabinets, along with the robust wooden beams on the ceiling, anchor the kitchen in tradition while the elegant lighting adds a touch of modernity.

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4. Add Hanging Pot Rack

Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen with pot rack
Photo credit: @mccroskeyinteriors

The hanging pot rack, adorned with a collection of copper cookware, is a striking feature that adds both functionality and a touch of Spanish elegance to this kitchen. Copper pots are a classic in Spanish kitchens, not just for their excellent heat conductivity but also for the beautiful way they age, gaining character over time. Suspended against a backdrop of marble and white cabinetry, these pots create a stunning visual contrast, blending utility with old-world charm.

5. Bring a Bespoke Artisan Touch

Blue Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen
Photo credit: @hendricksoninteriors

The bold, patterned tile that forms the backsplash behind the stove is the heart of this kitchen design, bringing a bespoke artisan touch to the space. Encased by subdued subway tiles and flanked by open shelving, it serves as an artistic centerpiece, reminiscent of the intricate tilework found in historic Spanish homes. This intricate pattern not only adds visual interest but also pays homage to the rich tradition of Spanish ceramics and craftsmanship.

6. Add Arched Alcove

Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen with arched alcove
Photo credit: @mollyleeinteriordesign

The standout feature in this kitchen is the charming stone arch, reminiscent of the architectural details found in old Spanish haciendas. It frames the cooking area like a piece of art, drawing attention to the patterned backsplash while also contrasting beautifully with the dark wood and navy cabinetry. This arch isn’t just a nod to Spanish design; it creates a sense of history and depth, making the kitchen feel like it’s part of a larger, storied home.

7. Display on Open Shelving

Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen with Moroccan tiles
Photo credit: @saintrosestyleandstaging

The open shelving in this kitchen is a nod to the Spanish Mediterranean style’s emphasis on both beauty and utility. Floating against a backdrop of white tiles, the warm wooden shelves offer a display for everyday items and treasured finds, marrying function with casual elegance. The simple, inviting nature of the open shelves encourages a relaxed, hospitable atmosphere that’s central to Spanish home cooking.

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8. Go for Wrought Iron Chandelier

Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen with wrought iron chandelier
Photo credit: @sherrlysdesign

A dramatic chandelier above the island will stand out, with its black iron detailing and multiple lights creating an ambience reminiscent of a Spanish tavern. This bold lighting choice is both functional and decorative, casting a warm glow over the island while echoing the classic wrought iron work synonymous with Spanish design. Its presence above the island becomes a central meeting point, enhancing the kitchen’s role as a space for gathering and entertaining.

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9. Contrast with Wooden Range Hood

Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen with wood range hood
Photo credit:

The standout feature of this kitchen is the wooden range hood that brings a rustic Spanish element into a predominantly modern space. Crafted from raw wood with a rich, natural grain, it provides a striking contrast against the sleek, white cabinetry. This piece not only adds character but also serves as a warm, organic focal point that draws the eye and anchors the room.

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Creating a Spanish Mediterranean kitchen is about blending the old with the new to achieve a space that’s both functional and full of character. By focusing on color, materials, decorations, furniture, and lighting, you can transform your kitchen into a warm, inviting space that pays homage to Spanish culture and design. Remember, the goal is to create a space that feels both timeless and lived-in, a place where meals are prepared with love and shared with joy.

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