Christmas homes – Neutral Style Christmas decor

We love this Prairie Farmhouse Christmas decor that brings the outdoors inside. Tiphanie from @prairiefarmhouseliving makes her prairie home the coziest place to spend the holidays with the addition of homegrown greenery and plenty of wreaths. The natural trees from her property are the star of her neutral style holiday decor.

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1. Neutral simplicity of the front door decor

Black door with Christmas decor
Photo credit: @prairiefarmhouseliving

To achieve the neutral simplicity of her beautifully decorated Christmas front porch, she cut down a few little trees from her property and placed them on each side of the door in big flower pots. Then draped the front door with some cedar garland and intertwined it with rustic bells to add fullness and festivity to it. We love the fullness of the wreath added to the right of the front door, and the elegant look it brings to the exterior of her home. Everything here looks simple and natural but very festive.

2. Christmas porch decor

Christmas porch decor
Photo credit: @prairiefarmhouseliving

On the left, the dark-colored outdoor chairs are decorated with some cozy throw blankets and buffalo check pillows. Between each chair, there is a natural tree for an extra Christmas vibe. And, how about that stacked wood? There’s just something about a nice stack of firewood that gives a warm, homey feeling to the whole decor.

3. Cedar garland mantel for the living room

Photo credit: @prairiefarmhouseliving

The aesthetic of this room is really impressive. The asymmetrically placed garland on the mantel is perfectly placed in an otherwise symmetric ambient achieved with the side windows. To achieve the full look on the mantel garland you can start with an artificial garland, and then add to it using live greenery of cedar and white pine. Cut the cedar garland to the right length, then wire on some branches of greens on the end that will drape down. Just keep adding pieces until it’s nice and full. You can also add an artificial garland that has tiny lights as Tiphanie did to get this amazing look.

4. Christmas living room decor

Photo credit: @prairiefarmhouseliving

We are actually showing you two ways of decorating a setting like this, one is from this year and the other is from last year’s Christmas. Which one do you prefer, the one with the big wreath or the branch above the mantel?

5. Modern farmhouse Christmas tree decor

Photo credit: @prairiefarmhouseliving

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If you are thinking of interesting ways to display the Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree, Tiphanie had the great idea of placing this antique dough bowl under the Christmas tree. You can use it for winter decor before, and after Christmas and on the day you can put your Christmas gifts inside.

6. Stone fireplace with big wreath

Photo credit: @prairiefarmhouseliving

7. White and green kitchen Christmas decor

Christmas kitchen
Photo credit: @prairiefarmhouseliving

If you hang wreaths on your exterior windows, you can copy that same look inside. Here we see a natural tree from her property again, that is in perfect harmony with the stone kitchen wall. And the green on that island fits perfectly with her simple, natural, and altogether beautiful Christmas decor.

8. Rustic winter tablescape for the dining room

Photo credit: @prairiefarmhouseliving

The beautiful Christmas tablescape is recreated from the book The Gift of Gathering where she recreated the rustic winter gathering with her take on it using things that she already had, like the two little trees with wood slices under them.

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