Neutral Modern Coastal Home Tour

Step inside the serene oasis of a Neutral Modern Coastal home, where every room offers a tranquil retreat defined by soft neutrals, natural textures, and an effortless blend of comfort and style.

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neural modern coastal home tour

Welcome to an exclusive home tour that invites you into the serene and beautifully appointed spaces of MaLoni Doty, the creative mind behind the popular Instagram account @our_sweet_haven. Her home is a testament to the Neutral Modern Coastal style, where simplicity meets elegance, and every detail is curated with purpose and love.

Through her keen eye for design, MaLoni has crafted a living space that not only reflects the tranquility of its coastal surroundings but also incorporates modern aesthetics with a neutral palette, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere. Join us as we explore the harmonious blend of textures, colors, and natural elements that define the unique character of this delightful haven.

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1. Front Porch with Two Swings

Front Porch with Two Swings
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

MaLoni Doty’s front porch is a masterclass in creating a welcoming coastal entryway that invites relaxation and openness. Suspended white egg chairs add a playful yet sophisticated touch, perfect for enjoying the sea breeze, while potted palms infuse a touch of the tropics. The monochromatic lanterns and textured cushions on the chairs weave in comfort and style, harmoniously blending with the home’s exterior palette and setting the stage for the serene aesthetic that continues within.

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2. Black Front Door

Black Front Door
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

Approaching this home, the front door sets a tone of modern elegance with its striking black color, creating a beautiful contrast against the soft neutral tones of the house. Flanked by delicate faux trees in oversized planters, the ambiance is both inviting and stylish. The wicker pendant light adds a touch of warmth and texture, harmonizing with the outdoor elements and beckoning guests into the serene coastal retreat that awaits within.

3. Inviting Simplicity in the Entryway

Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The entryway sets the stage for the home’s aesthetic, marrying functionality with minimalist charm. Crisp white armchairs paired with plush, round ottomans offer a comfortable spot for guests to pause, reflecting the home’s welcoming spirit. The sleek staircase and elegant gold accents from the light fixture above add a dash of modern sophistication, hinting at the thoughtful design details found throughout the space.

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4. Effortless Coastal Living Room Elegance

Coastal Living Room
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

This living room is a testament to the beauty of restraint in design, where neutral tones and varied textures converge to create a space that’s both serene and inviting. Slipcover sofas and accent pillows in harmonizing shades of white and cream encourage lounging, while the natural wood coffee table grounds the room with its substantial form. Strategic placement of greenery and understated artwork brings the calm of coastal landscapes indoors, completing the tranquil retreat vibe.

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5. Harmonious Living Space Flow

Coastal Living Room
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The perspective from this angle in the living room reveals a layout that encourages easy conversation and flow, with a cohesive blend of textiles and light wood accents that maintain the coastal theme. The eye is drawn to the rattan media console, which adds a touch of organic texture, balancing the room’s soft fabrics and clean lines. Large windows dressed in elegant drapery allow natural light to flood the space, enhancing the airy and open feel that is characteristic of coastal-inspired interiors.

6. Understated Side Table Styling

Side Table
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The side table in this living room is a perfect example of how less can be more in decor. The woven texture of the table adds a layer of interest without overpowering, while the tall, cylindrical lamp introduces height and a sculptural element. A simple, soft-toned piece of art on the wall and the natural light from the window work together to create a peaceful corner that’s in line with the room’s coastal calm theme.

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7. TV Console with a Coastal Twist

TV Console with a Coastal Twist
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The TV console area is a showcase of how functionality meets aesthetics in a coastal-themed living space. The rattan-front console adds a layer of natural texture and provides ample storage, keeping the area clutter-free and maintaining the room’s airy vibe. Above, the sleek TV is balanced by organic decor elements like the oversized vase with greenery, and the simple, clean lines of the wall-mounted light fixture add a modern touch to this tranquil living space.

8. Crisp Kitchen Design with Warm Accents

White coastal kitchen
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The kitchen shines with its crisp white cabinetry and marble countertops, exuding a clean, airy feel that’s right at home in a coastal-inspired space. Textured woven pendant lights add warmth and an organic touch, contrasting beautifully with the sleek metal finishes of the modern appliances. The kitchen island, complete with stylish bar chairs, not only serves as a focal point for socializing but also as a testament to the seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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9. Chic Comfort at the Kitchen Bar

counter stools
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The kitchen bar stools are a stylish nod to comfort meeting chic design, featuring a modern weave that adds texture and a casual elegance to the space. Their light wood finish and clean lines complement the kitchen’s neutral palette, seamlessly integrating with the overall coastal theme. These stools not only provide a cozy perch for morning coffee or evening chats but also exemplify how functional pieces can enhance the decor.

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10. Sophisticated Dining Room Details

Coastal Dining room
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The dining room exudes sophistication with its tall, slipcovered chairs that bring an air of formal elegance to casual dining. The bold, geometric chandelier overhead acts as a statement piece, its warm metallic finish complementing the neutral tones of the room. A rustic centerpiece, featuring dried botanicals, adds an organic texture that contrasts beautifully with the sleek lines of the furniture, encapsulating a modern coastal dining experience.

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11. Natural Light in the Hallway Nook

Small Hallway
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

This small hallway transforms into a serene nook, courtesy of the ample natural light pouring through the window, highlighting the simplicity and calm of the space. A potted olive tree adds life and a touch of nature’s own decor, while the subtle texture of the planter and rug introduces an understated elegance. The minimalist approach here proves that even transitional spaces in a home can be thoughtfully styled to evoke peace and beauty.

12. Serene Master Bedroom Retreat

Master Bedroom
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The master bedroom is a sanctuary of calm, with its plush, neutrally toned bedding creating an inviting center piece that promises rest and relaxation. The elegant, sweeping curves of the gold chandelier add a touch of luxury, harmonizing with the muted tones of the artwork that evokes a misty seascape. Textured nightstands and soft lighting provide both functionality and a cozy atmosphere, illustrating how a space can be both a restful retreat and a peak of sophisticated interior design.

13. Touches of Tranquility on the Nightstand

Nightstand decor
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The nightstand decor in the master bedroom is a perfect illustration of how to create a peaceful bedside tableau. A large ceramic lamp anchors the space with its substantial form and texture, while a small vase with dried botanicals adds a delicate touch of nature. The balance of practical lighting and decorative elements against the cane-front drawers of the nightstand showcases a thoughtful approach to both style and function in bedroom design.

14. Master Bedroom Dresser

master bedroom dresser
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The master bedroom dresser embodies a coastal serenity with its light wood tones and cane-front drawers that echo the textures of the seaside. Above, a framed artwork of a solitary figure on the beach amplifies the room’s tranquil theme, while a large, organic-shaped vase with lush greenery breathes life into the space. The simplicity of the decor, including minimalistic candlesticks and a sculptural bowl, maintains a clutter-free environment that is both calming and aesthetically pleasing.

15. Soothing Bath Retreat

Freestanding tub
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The master bathroom is a haven for relaxation, centered around a freestanding bathtub that promises a soothing soak. The elegance of the room is elevated by a graceful gold chandelier and matching fixtures that add a touch of glamour to the space. Lush greenery positioned next to the tub and soft textiles on the wooden stool create a spa-like atmosphere, marrying luxury with the tranquility of nature.

16. Elegant Vanity Ensemble

Master bath vanity
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The master bathroom vanity area is a symphony of elegance and functionality, featuring a wood-paneled backdrop that adds a rustic yet refined touch to the space. The warmth of the wood is complemented by the soft glow of wall-mounted sconces and a mirror with a gilded frame, creating an inviting space for daily rituals. Accentuated by vases of dried florals and golden hardware, the vanity strikes a balance between natural charm and sophisticated design.

17. Guest Bedroom Haven

Guest Bedroom
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

This guest bedroom is designed to be a warm and inviting retreat for visitors, with a plush blanket and soft, textured pillows that beckon restful sleep. The neutral color palette is soothing, accented with a patterned throw that adds an elegant touch without overwhelming the serene atmosphere. Overhead, a landscape painting echoes the room’s tranquil vibe, while the natural wood tones of the side tables lend a touch of earthiness to the space.

18. Whispers of Comfort in Nightstand Details

Nightstand decor
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The nightstand in the guest bedroom is thoughtfully adorned to provide both comfort and functionality, featuring a ceramic lamp that casts a warm, inviting glow across the space. A simple white clock is both a practical and stylish touch, ensuring guests can easily keep track of time. The wood finish of the nightstand complements the room’s neutral tones, and the minimal decor keeps the area uncluttered, reinforcing a sense of calm and order.

19. Coastal Textures in a Welcoming Guest Room

Guest bedroom
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

This guest bedroom is a showcase of texture and neutral tones, creating an inviting coastal feel. The bed is adorned with crisp white linens and a chunky knit throw, offering both comfort and visual interest. Matching nightstands and lamps flank the bed, providing symmetry and balance to the room, while a serene artwork of a wooden pier adds a sense of depth and tranquility to the space.

20. Harmonious Guest Bedroom Details

Nightstand decor
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The nightstand in this guest bedroom is a delightful blend of function and style, with a textured ceramic lamp providing a soft, ambient glow for evening reading. A stack of books beneath a potted plant offers a homey touch, inviting guests to unwind and feel at ease. The crisp white bedding and natural textures from the throw rug to the nightstand draw together to create a cohesive and serene space that welcomes rest and relaxation.

21. Light and Airy Guest Room

Guest bedroom
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The third guest room is a sanctuary of light and texture, where the plush bedding and knit throw blanket invite guests to a restful experience. The natural wooden tones of the sideboards add a warm, organic feel, complementing the lightness of the space. Above, a modern ceiling fan with wooden blades circulates a gentle breeze, enhancing the airy, open atmosphere that characterizes this welcoming retreat.

22. Soft Textures and Warm Tones

Nightstand decor
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

This guest bedroom’s nightstand encapsulates a soft, soothing aesthetic with its warm wooden facade and clean design. A white ceramic lamp stands as a beacon of tranquility, its glow complementing the delicate dried flowers and the gentle hues of the artwork behind. This space is thoughtfully curated to provide comfort and calm, with each element from the brass candlesticks to the selection of books contributing to an inviting atmosphere for any guest.

23. Streamlined Elegance in a Small Bathroom

Small bathroom
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

In this small bathroom, space is maximized without compromising on style; the classic white vanity with ample storage is both chic and practical. Natural light and a marble shower create a feeling of openness, while the textured rug and wooden stool introduce organic elements, softening the modern lines. Strategic decor choices, like the simple glass sconces and fresh greenery, infuse the space with a spa-like serenity.

24. Natural Accents in the Powder Room

Powder Room
Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

This powder room embraces natural accents to create a welcoming and refined space. The wood grain vanity, paired with a textured towel and a pot of lush foliage, adds warmth and life to the compact area. Above, the clean lines of the mirror and frosted glass light fixtures provide a modern touch that complements the room’s earthy tones and textures.

25. Breezeway Designed for Comfort and Style

Photo credit: @our_sweet_haven

The breezeway in this home is a perfect fusion of comfort and elegance, featuring wicker furniture that brings a natural, textured look to the space. The plush cushions and throw pillows on the chairs and sofas offer a cozy invitation to sit and relax. The neutral color scheme is accented by a charming wall art, enhancing the space’s connection to nature and ensuring a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors.

Embracing Serenity at Every Turn

In summary, this home is a beautifully orchestrated collection of spaces that truly encapsulates the Neutral Modern Coastal style. From the welcoming embrace of the front porch to the intimate tranquility of the powder room, each area has been thoughtfully designed to reflect a serene aesthetic that’s both refreshing and inviting. The living room and breezeway blend functionality with sophisticated ease, while the master and guest bedrooms offer peaceful sanctuaries, demonstrating a consistent palette of soft neutrals, rich textures, and organic elements. This home stands as a testament to the harmonious balance between modern design and coastal comfort, inviting one to unwind in its light-filled, graceful spaces.

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