Modern European Farmhouse Home Tour

Explore the seamless elegance of Alexis’s modern European farmhouse-style home, where every detail, from the sunlit living spaces to the tranquil outdoor oasis, is curated to perfection.

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Modern European Farmhouse Home Tour

In the heart of a design that marries the serene simplicity of the countryside with modern elegance, Alexis Austin’s residence emerges as a beacon of modern European farmhouse style. Through her captivating Instagram presence at @alexisandraaustin and her detailed website,, Alexis invites us into her world, where every corner reflects a meticulous blend of timeless design and clean, contemporary lines.

Her home is a masterpiece of light-filled spaces, set against a backdrop of warm wood accents and the crisp contrast of white walls, embodying a sense of openness and tranquility. The luxurious touch of French white oak flooring, understated wainscoting, and brushed brass fixtures adds layers of old-world allure to the home’s modern framework. Alexis’s design philosophy brings to life a space that not only pays homage to the past but also embraces the functionality and aesthetic of modern living.

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1. Welcoming Facade of Modern European Farmhouse

Modern European farmhouse exterior
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

Alexis’s home greets guests with a striking balance of modernity and warmth, showcasing a façade painted in a refreshing white, accented by black window frames and a stately wood front door. The design echoes a European sensibility, with steep gables and a symmetrical structure that offers a nod to traditional farmhouse architecture, yet the clean lines and uncluttered aesthetic speak to a modern design ethos. This home’s exterior sets the stage for the inviting spaces within, hinting at the continuity of style that weaves through the very heart of the residence.

2. Front Door with Sidelights

European Farmhouse front door with sidelights
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

Step up to the welcoming embrace of Alexis’s home, where the front door becomes a statement piece, crafted from rich wood and flanked by sidelights that offer a glimpse into the style that lies within. It’s all about those finer details—notice the overhead lantern-style light casting a warm glow, the vertical lines of the siding drawing your eye upward, and potted plants bringing in a touch of nature to this carefully curated threshold. This entryway, with its blend of organic elements and clean design, makes a subtle yet undeniable promise of the comfort and elegance that defines the home’s interior.

3. Harmonious Entryway Details

Entryway table
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The entryway sets the tone with its earthy, welcoming vibe, featuring a classic wooden console table that anchors the space, complemented by an arched mirror that reflects natural light and expands the area visually. Dried botanicals in a simple glass vase add a touch of rustic elegance, while candles and books suggest leisure and comfort. This space, with its thoughtful mix of decor, creates a moment of tranquility that greets anyone who steps through the door.

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4. Staircase Blending Form with Function

White and light wood staircase
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

Just across the entryway table, the staircase presents itself as a masterpiece of form meeting function, where the light wood steps and minimalist spindles create an airy, open feel. A cozy bench tucked neatly underneath provides a quaint nook for relaxation or slipping on shoes, complete with plush pillows and a cozy throw, inviting a pause in the day. The use of natural tones and textures here not only complements the entryway but also draws the eye upwards, emphasizing the home’s spaciousness and flow.

5. Cozy Elegance in the Living Room

Modern European Living room
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The living room whispers comfort with its plush seating and soft, textured throws that invite long afternoons of lounging with a good book or cozy gatherings. Exposed wooden beams overhead add a rustic touch that contrasts with the sleek white paneling, marrying the farmhouse charm with a clean, modern aesthetic. Anchored by a robust wooden coffee table and a vintage-style area rug, the space is a testament to how mixed materials can coalesce to create a homely yet sophisticated environment.

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6. Carved Limestone Fireplace

Carved Limestone  Fireplace
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

Centered in the living room, the carved limestone fireplace stands as a focal point, exuding a sense of time-honored sophistication amidst the modern comforts. Its natural texture and subtle color variations complement the room’s neutral palette, while its classic design anchors the space in tradition. Flanked by elegant sconces and topped with a serene landscape painting, it’s more than just a source of warmth; it’s a cornerstone of home’s character.

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7. Modern European Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern European Farmhouse Kitchen
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The kitchen is a showcase of understated sophistication, with its sleek white countertops and traditional cabinetry creating a seamless blend of functionality and style. Pendant lights with a hint of vintage appeal cast a warm glow over the expansive island, inviting casual meals and conversation. The integration of natural wood in the stools and cutting boards echoes the home’s affinity for organic elements, making the kitchen not just a place for cooking, but a space for living.

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8. Gathering Around the Kitchen Island

Modern European Farmhouse Kitchen Island
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The kitchen island stands as the centerpiece, a generous space of marble that is as perfect for food preparation as it is for socializing. Light wood counter stools with cushioned seats provide a comfortable perch, their elegant lines and tied-back cushions adding a dash of farmhouse flair. This island isn’t just a work surface; it’s a gathering spot, encouraging conversation and participation from friends and family in the heart of the home.

9. Rustic Elegance of the Farmhouse Sink

farmhouse sink
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The farmhouse sink, an embodiment of rustic charm, melds seamlessly into the kitchen’s modern lines, offering both beauty and practicality. Its deep basin and apron front design make it an ideal choice for handling large pots and pans, while the brushed brass faucet adds a touch of warmth and luxury. Fresh flowers and ripe strawberries nearby not only serve as a delightful visual treat but also underscore the kitchen’s role as a space where function meets life’s simple pleasures.

10. Elegant Range Hood as Kitchen Centerpiece

Kitchen range hood
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

Hovering gracefully above the range, the 60” wide hood becomes a central piece of the kitchen’s design, painted in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove to match the surrounding cabinetry. Its impressive width commands attention, while the simple yet stately form ensures it blends harmoniously with the kitchen’s clean and airy aesthetic. This range hood isn’t just about function; it’s about adding a dash of elegance to the culinary space, marrying the practical needs of cooking with the home’s overarching sense of style.

11. Dining in Style with Natural Light

Modern European farmhouse dining room
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

This dining room is a bright and inviting space, where the large windows allow natural light to cascade across the wooden dining table and classic chairs. The simple elegance of the chandelier adds a modern touch to the room without overshadowing the rustic charm of the furniture. Here, the interplay of natural elements and clean design creates an ideal setting for both everyday meals and special occasions, making it a central gathering spot in the home.

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12. Butler’s Pantry

butlers pantry
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

Efficiency meets elegance in this butler’s pantry, where open shelving is lined with essentials in a neat, visually pleasing arrangement. The classic farmhouse sink and white cabinetry are accented with brass hardware, reflecting a thoughtful blend of traditional charm and modern practicality. This space, a bridge between the kitchen and dining areas, not only serves as a convenient prep zone but also showcases design elements that make it a delightful corner for any home chef or entertainer.

13. Big Mudroom with Herringbone Floor

Big Mudroom with Herringbone Floor
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

This mudroom strikes a perfect chord between utility and elegance, with its crisp white cabinetry and brass fixtures providing ample storage while maintaining a chic aesthetic. The built-in bench offers a convenient spot to sit and remove shoes, nestled beneath hooks that welcome guests to hang their coats and hats. Paired with the warmth of the wooden beams and herringbone floor, the room serves as a harmonious entry that’s both welcoming and wonderfully organized.

14. Spacious Laundry Room

Big Laundry room
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

In this spacious laundry room, practicality is dressed in elegance, with ample cabinetry in soft hues offering plenty of storage for essentials. The room is designed to make a typically mundane task feel more pleasurable, featuring a deep sink for hand-washing delicates and a generous surface area for folding. Above all, the room is a celebration of functionality, where every feature from the state-of-the-art washer to the woven baskets contributes to an efficient and stylish space.

15. A Haven of Tranquility in the Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The master bedroom is a sanctuary of calm, with a neutral palette and layered textures that invite rest and relaxation. The headboard’s elegant upholstery is complemented by soft pillows and a quilted throw, creating a bed that beckons for a peaceful slumber. Accents like the plush ottomans at the foot of the bed and the large, leafy plant add a touch of nature and luxury, rounding out a space that’s as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

16. Master Bathroom Vanities

European Farmhouse master bathroom
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The master bathroom boasts a pair of vanities that exude a sense of refined elegance with their warm wood tones and clean lines, offering both beauty and ample storage for an uncluttered space. The sleek white countertops provide a fresh contrast against the cabinetry, with brass fixtures adding a touch of sophistication. These vanities aren’t just functional; they serve as the anchors of the bathroom’s design, marrying practicality with the serene style that flows throughout the home.

17. Master Bathroom Tub

Master Bathroom Tub
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The freestanding tub in the master bathroom is a haven for relaxation, its classic contours and deep basin promising a luxurious soak. Positioned beneath a window draped with soft curtains, it allows for natural light to enhance the serene experience. A delicate chandelier hangs above, casting a gentle light that complements the room’s peaceful palette, ensuring this space is not just a part of daily routine, but a retreat within the home.

18. Master Bathroom Shower

Master Bathroom Shower
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The master bathroom’s shower area is a showcase of modern design, with its subway tiled walls and sleek brass fixtures that offer both beauty and functionality. The spacious layout includes a built-in bench, providing a spot for relaxation or practicality during one’s daily cleansing ritual. This shower merges the crispness of contemporary style with the warmth of traditional materials, creating a refreshing space that’s both inviting and invigorating.

19. Welcoming Comfort in the Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom with Accent wall
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The guest bedroom is a warm and inviting retreat, outfitted with a plush, upholstered headboard and a soft, neutral color scheme that ensures a calming ambiance. Textured throw pillows and blankets on the bed provide a layered look that’s both stylish and comfortable. Woven ottomans at the foot of the bed add a touch of artisanal charm, while the classic nightstands and elegant lamps frame the bed with symmetry and grace.

20. Upstairs Guest Bedroom

Upstairs Guest Bedroom
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The upstairs guest bedroom exudes a cheerful charm, welcoming visitors with a cozy, nailhead-trimmed headboard and a cascade of natural light from the window. A patterned area rug adds a splash of color and texture, contrasting beautifully with the crisp white bedding and the warmth of the mauve throw. The room is crowned by a statement chandelier that adds a touch of bohemian elegance, ensuring guests feel a special sense of comfort and style during their stay.

21. Powder Room Elegance

Powder Room
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

This quaint powder room is a study in understated elegance, marrying crisp white walls with the warm tones of a traditional vanity and brass accents. Open shelving under the sink, filled with woven baskets, provides a smart, accessible storage solution, maintaining an organized appearance. It’s a space that proves thoughtful design can turn even the most functional areas into delightful points of interest within the home.

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22. Bright and Functional Kids Bathroom

Kids Bathroom
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The kids’ bathroom is a vision of brightness and efficiency, featuring a large vanity with ample storage to keep bath time essentials within easy reach. The white and brass color scheme brings a cheerful energy to the room, while the rounded mirror adds a playful touch. Seashell tiles in the shower area offer a subtle geometric twist, ensuring the space is both kid-friendly and stylish.

23. Kids Bathroom Shower Area

Kids Bathroom Shower Area
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

This section of the kids’ bathroom delights with its whimsical scallop-patterned tiles that add a playful yet elegant backdrop to the bath area. The golden fixtures provide a pop of sophistication, contrasting beautifully with the white curtain that ensures privacy and a soft, diffused light. Open shelving filled with neatly arranged towels and baskets underscores the room’s practicality, ensuring that everything a child needs is within easy reach in a space that’s both fun and functional.

24. Back Patio and Pool Area

Back Patio and Pool Area
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The back patio serves as a serene outdoor oasis, inviting relaxation with its comfortable seating arrangements and flowing white curtains that provide both shade and privacy. Overhead fans ensure a gentle breeze, making this covered area a perfect retreat even on warmer days. The inviting pool, just steps away, offers a refreshing escape and is complemented by a well-appointed poolside lounge area, creating an ideal setting for both leisurely afternoons and elegant evening gatherings.

25. Patio Furniture for Effortless Outdoor Entertaining

Patio Furniture for Effortless Outdoor Entertaining
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The patio furniture is thoughtfully chosen for comfort and style, featuring wooden frames that echo the natural surroundings and neutral cushions that invite guests to sit back and relax. A rolling bar cart stands ready to serve, ensuring refreshments are always at hand, while a textured outdoor rug underfoot adds a layer of coziness to the arrangement. This setup is not just about utility; it’s a testament to the homeowner’s flair for creating an inviting outdoor space that’s perfect for both quiet mornings and social evenings.

26. Fire Pit Gathering Spot

Fire Pit Gathering Spot
Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The fire pit area is a focal point for evening relaxation, with woven armchairs gathered around a modern, circular fire pit that provides warmth and ambiance. This inviting nook creates a perfect setting for intimate conversations or enjoying the quiet of the evening under the stars. The arrangement is a blend of functionality and casual elegance, turning a simple fire feature into the centerpiece of memorable outdoor moments.

27. Poolside Serenity

Photo credit: @alexisandraaustin

The pool area is an idyllic retreat, designed to provide the ultimate in relaxation with its clear, tranquil waters and in-pool loungers that invite one to unwind in the sun. Striped pink umbrellas and a cabana with flowing curtains add a touch of whimsical charm, creating a resort-like atmosphere in the privacy of the home’s backyard. This space is a true testament to leisurely outdoor living, perfect for cooling off on hot days or simply enjoying the peaceful ambiance of a well-crafted backyard oasis.

Alexis’s home is a harmonious blend of Modern European farmhouse style, where each space is thoughtfully designed to fuse traditional charm with contemporary elegance. From the welcoming warmth of the open-plan living room and its limestone fireplace to the serene retreat of the master and guest bedrooms, each room tells a story of comfort and style. The heart of the home, the kitchen, with its inviting island and timeless fixtures, sets the stage for family gatherings, while the back patio and pool area extend the living space into the outdoors, offering a luxurious haven for relaxation and entertainment. This home stands as a testament to Alexis’s impeccable taste and dedication to creating a living space that is not only beautiful but also a true reflection of her unique design philosophy.

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